They Came Brandishing Shirts, Shovels, & Smiles…

I’m confident these days.
Of quite what I’m not so sure?
But certainly no less certain
that I’m secure in my insecurities.

With my finger in the air I’ve paused to feel which way the wind blows? All these hot air extroverts with their billows and bellows.
Democracy through convection.
Whilst I conjure up another 21st Century, Atheist miracle.
What a wonderful world we live in eh? Walking past the dead throwing shade and copper.
…now don’t even get me started on the Police. With their increased rights to search all the while I’m thinking that they should have gone to Specsavers

(I might have suggested lasers but it’s bad enough they’ve already got automatic-rifles)

Fret not! The rest of the world are shooting blanks! Chained up to the country you never chose you’ve been picked to be a slave for the ‘bettering of human kind.’ Don’t worry about the photo ID. They can’t steal something you never owned in the first place.

And if you’re reading this?

We’re at the back-of-the-bus in last.

Capitalism At Sunset
Capitalism At Sunset

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