Something With Spirals

Stuck in loops.
Going around the bend
Or anything else you like to hula-hoop.

Stepped into the world dressed and impressed with the sparkle up top that comes from the weekend gone. Such a bright and beautiful day hidden amongst the clouds and rain.  I left the umbrella and hooded-up.

If not a little bit down. Trying my best just now to chomp down on the urge to bite back.
Gawd damn it’s hard!
But nothing worth doing was ever easy right, isn’t that the saying?

Walked about for most of the day in a whirlwind of activity. It’s tough. 2 months left thereabouts and I’m split down the middle as to which way things will go? And me with all this GPS gadgetry.

Well I’m fused this evening, to a relaxed night of nothing too much.
And I’m late, I must crack on.


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